Staff Training

In virtually every inmate filed lawsuit,  plaintiffs raise failure to train claims.   Training is usually one of the key factors an administration must be able to defend when something goes wrong.  Thus, training is a critical component to make facilities operationally safe and secure.  Training is necessary to operationalize the requirements for the policies and procedures by providing the skills and operational knowledge to execute staff duties and responsibilities.

Unfortunately, legal-based training is hard to come by for most agencies.  Content is often based on the experience of the presenter rather than case law and other legal requirements.  This poses potential issues in subjectivity and possible presenter biases that could result in weak liability defense.

To access the best training taught by corrections experts in the field is usually costly because one agency can rarely justify the cost of travel.   There are many resources available to assist with the implementation of specific training including pre-service, FTO and in-service training programs. DeLand & Associates offers flexible training programs for large and small agencies and  budget ranges.

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