Policy & Procedure Development

Administrators across the country have openly expressed the need for legal-based policy and procedure. Many agencies lack the staff, budget, resources and time to be able to fully develop or maintain them.   DeLand & Associates offers the most comprehensive collection of legal-based policies available, having developed over 400 chapters of policies and procedures.

  • Is your policy based on current case law or past administrative mandates/training? Many facilities rely on old policy and procedure based on outdated standards not based on federal case law or state-specific legal requirements.
  • Do you have staff with the skills, time and means to research current case law?  Case law changes.  It takes the average person 10 hours per week in the law library to stay updated and current with correctional law.   With staffing challenges, it is difficult to find individuals with this dedicated time and the expertise to research and write policies.  Yet it is a necessity to assist in mitigating and protecting against supervisor liability and reduce risk management exposure.
  • Do you have a process that allows for your policy and procedure to be reviewed and changed according to current case law or statues? Without such processes in place, many facilities keep status quo until misconduct, dysfunction or non-compliance results in harm to an agency, administration or other embarrassing media coverage, often resulting in litigation and liability defense. Updated legal-based policy coupled with training to the policy and procedure is the best defense a jail administration can have in successful defense.

The legal-based policies and procedures written by DeLand & Associates are unique and widely sought after by correctional administrations.  Each chapter provides:

  • Policy – explains WHAT is required
  • Rationale – explains WHY (critical for staff understanding and training)
  • Procedure – explains  HOW to operationally carry out the policies
  • Annotation – explains case law and legal references

The model policies and procedures are written to provide guidance to corrections officials.  As an aid to administrations, most of the chapters are annotated with case law and/or statute citations; however, neither the citations nor the written policies should be construed as legal advice.  Legal requirements vary from one jurisdiction to another so each chapter should be reviewed with the agency’s legal advisors before adoption and implementation.

If you are interested in obtaining legal based policy for your agency, CONTACT US.