About Us

DeLand and Associates was established by Gary W. DeLand in 1973, primarily providing training, nationally.  That soon included answering requests for technical assistance – trouble shooting – made by corrections administrators through the National Institute of Corrections.  DeLand and Associates quickly expanded becoming heavily involved in legal issues and corrections management training, testifying as an expert witness and litigation consultant, policy and procedure writing, standards writing, conducting pre-architectural master planning, and writing of corrections standards/guidelines.

About Gary DeLand


  • Master of Public Administration, University of Utah, 1985
  • Bachelor of Arts, Sociology (criminology emphasis), University of Utah, 1969
  • Bachelor of Science, Physical Education (corrective therapy certificate), University of Utah, 1964

Professional Certifications

  • Jail Commander Certification Academy, 2015 (JCCA)
  • National Certified Corrections Executive, 2018 (NCCE)

Employment/Professional Positions

  • 1975‑present  President, DeLand and Associates, Criminal Justice Consulting
  • 1994-present  Executive Director (1994-2013), Jail Operations Director and NSA Liaison (2013-present), Utah Sheriffs’ Association
  • 1994-2008    Executive Editor (2001-2008), Editor-in-Chief (1994-2001),  Corrections Managers’ Report, a profession journal published by Civic Research Institute, Kingston, New Jersey
  • 2003  Senior Advisor, Iraqi Ministry of Justice, Prisons Department (Iraqi Correctional Services)
  • 2000-2002       Adjunct Professor, Criminal Justice Program, Dixie State College (Utah) (Taught: Corrections Process)
  • 1988-1994       Adjunct Professor, Political Science Dept., University of Utah  (Taught: Corrections Administration;  Corrections Law)
  • 1985-1992       Executive Director, Utah State Department of Corrections
  • 1963‑1980       Deputy Sheriff, Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office; final rank: Captain/ Jail Administrator (Salt Lake County Jail administration 1972-79 – Shift Supervisor, Administrative Sergeant, Lieutenant/Asst. Commander, Captain/Commander)

Sample of Awards Received

  • Executive Director’s Award, National Institute for Jail Operations, 2015
  • President’s Award, National Sheriffs’ Association, 2013
  • Professional Development Award, Utah Jail Commanders’ Association, 2003
  • Fugitive Task Force Award, 1992
  • Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, Career Service Award, 1991
  • Utah State Department of Public Safety, Career Service Award, 1990


“2019 marks the 40th anniversary of my first encounter with Gary DeLand.  I have found him by far to be the most knowledgeable trainer and expert witness, bar none, that I have encountered in my long corrections career.  Gary is a virtual “living encyclopedia” of corrections law, corrections practice and corrections common sense.  He is a plaintiff attorney’s worst enemy in both depositions and the courtroom and easily “slices and dices” the best arguments of so-called plaintiff experts.   His calm but forthright demeanor, coupled with his real time knowledge of corrections judicial decisions, makes him a solid ally for the client and a formidable foe for the opposition.”

Mike Haley, Ph.D., NCCE, Chief Deputy, Washington Parish, LA, Sheriff’s Office

“As Director of the 2nd largest state department of corrections in the country, I quickly realized Gary DeLand was the foremost expert in corrections and was the guy you wanted on your team.  He knew more than our legal counsel and I went to him repeatedly to have our staff receive top legal-based training and serve as an expert witness on many cases. When the time came to develop the Iraq corrections, he was my first call.  Simply put, our  country and corrections profession is better off because of DeLand and his expertise and knowledge.”

O. Lane McCotter (Col. US Army, ret.)